Integrate with PatioBar

Greetings folks,

I understand v2 is on its way and this might not be applicable anymore but I’m very happy with v1 so I continue to tweak it.

Thank you for this wonderful tip from @jbags81 about using iFrame, which got my cameras integration to work and now…Patiobar. Sorry if this was covered before but I have found it pretty cool if you could control Pandora within HADashboard. The album artwork is also there but as you could see, with this much space, it’s hard to fit everything so I removed it. I’m sure someone could re-arrange a few things and get the artwork in there.

Thank you for HADashboard and PatioBar!!!

You lost me on “Michael Buble”

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Cool - when we get through the beta I’ll be looking for ideas on widgets :slight_smile:

How did u integrate your cams… Need those feature in dashboard v2

I just use iFrame as seen in jbags81 post. Not ideal as you might need to adjust the camera left/right a bit since the frame is small and you want the center, at least, image and not the left side only. I have Foscam. Just replace the URL with Foscam URL.

OK. But this won’t work for Hadashboard V2 unfortunately

I’ll put an iframe widget in beta 2 to get you started.

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great stuff maybe u could also implement android:ip:cam component? :slight_smile: Its a HUGE component