Integrate ZHA sensors into mqtt thermostat entity

Hi everyone!

I recently installed an eBUS v5 adapter on my boiler and successfully connected it with Home Assistant and the thermostat on HASS is working great via MQTT. However the thermostat from the heater is broken and its thermometer is stuck at 17°C.

I have several temperature+humidity Zigbee sensors around the apartment connected to HASS using ZHA. I was hoping to use these sensors as temperature probes instead of the boiler’s and integrate them into the thermostat entity. However, I’m unsure how to integrate a non-MQTT sensor into the entity so that I have the correct temp reading into my thermostat cards and can get a whole apartment reading.

Here’s my current configuration:

    - name: "Boiler"
      max_temp: 30
      min_temp: 15
      temp_step: 0.5
      precision: 0.1
      initial: 18
      current_temperature_topic: "ebusd/e7f_2/RoomTemp"
      current_temperature_template: "{{value_json['temp']['value']}}"
      temperature_state_topic: "ebusd/e7f_2/HeatingTempSet"
      temperature_state_template: "{{value_json['temp']['value']}}"
      temperature_command_topic: "ebusd/e7f_2/HeatingTempSet/set"

Thanks in advance for your help!