Integrated touch sensor for home assistant

Hello, I’m looking for a module that I can put inside a mechanism box that I can connect to home assistant and Alexa (not at the same time) that allows me to use a button as an input to automate lights and routines (one touch and double touch)

Take a look at esphome, you can build anything :smile:

It doesn’t work for me, it can’t connect directly to Alexa and it’s not reliable with the home assistant

ESPHome connects to HA, HA connects to Alexa.

ESPHome is not reliable with HA? What a load of rot.

I need something that can connect directly to Alexa and directly to HA, they are for 2 different things, and I don’t want to fight with two devices at the same time

It literally disconnects every 10 minutes for 3 minutes, copying an example and ONLY changing the access data, I have already lost almost a month with that, I don’t want to go crazy.