Integrated Z-Wave to OpenZWave

I need some help understanding the flow for Open-Zwave for Home Assistant. I’m new to using Home Assistant, about a week and didn’t have much trouble getting it setup on a RPi4 with a Nortek Zwave/Zigbee USB device. All my devices have been added from my previous hub.

With the new release of HA to which I upgraded, I see OpenZwave is now enabled in the store and I installed that. It appears that I need OpenZwave to use Inovelli devices…could be wrong here but that’s what I see. It also seems that the openZwave concept is to have a separate Zwave controller to which the HA will connect to.

I’d prefer to keep it all on my RPi4, So the question is, is there a method for which I can do this with my current setup? Or would I be looking into installing a linux OS and a docker to run multiple virtual machines…and if so, any suggestions on the path to take? There is a lot of information and I’m slowly figuring it out, but any help would be appreciated.