Integrating a Dimplex Opti-Myst Fire!


I’ve a Dimplex Opti-Myst fire installed at the house. Essentially, this is an electric heater with a water-vapour flame effect. The flame effect can be operated separately from the heater and uses a wireless remote control.

I want to see if I can wireless sniff out the control code to activate the flame and active it from HA within my automations…

I’ve taken apart the remote control to look for any kind of symbol to suggest how the remote communicates but there’s not a thing on there! I was thinking if it is RF to sniff out and repeat the signal from a Pi add on, somehow tied to HA.

Has anyone else done anything similar to this, or would anyone know how I can determine how the remote communicates with the fire. There’s next to no technical docs available on line. So I’m a bit stuck!

This is the fire:

Any help hugely appreciated!

Well, if there is a diode, that would be IR, if not it’s RF.
Now, if it’s RF, it could be on 433MHz (most common) or 868MHz. Maybe look for those numbers on the board, or maybe post pictures of the board for those more familiar with the matter.

Note that, anyway, you would need hardware to emulate the remote, being IR or RF.
Just an “addon” won’t magically enable that.

Hey, thanks for the reply.

Here’s the pics, I’m thinking it is RF but before I buy the parts to do the sniffing I was wondering if I could be more certain.

Oh yeah, I’m thinking a RF Pi hat (add-on) to be able to tell the fire what to do, and then find a way to link that to HA? Would that work?

@HugosDad Have you ever found a solution? Is it RF? 433Mhz? I have the same fireplace, but couldn’t find anything either.

No further with this I’m afraid. I’m thinking the other solution might be to wire in a Shelly wifi relay to switch on/off the flame effect. I’m not sure if they have a device that switches low voltage though… I need to do some testing but this is still something I’d like to do!

I have the same fireplace. The remote is Bluetooth. This is documented in the manuals. The remote pairs with the hardwired controller.

Have you made any progress? I’ve considered using a button pusher like the SwitchBot but would prefer a better solution.

Must have missed that, could you point me towards where you saw that?

I’d have to look into how BT signals can be sniffed and replicated, still interested just short on time

I attached a screenshot from the manual.

Here’s the link to the manual:

Hmm, my remote is completely different! I’ll dig out the details