Integrating Alexa with Home Assistant [Local + Cloud] and Xiaomi Miot Auto Device [Window Opener]

Dear enthusiasts, this is my first post and my first time here. I am excited and thankful to be part of this community.

I have managed to setup HA and HACS locally and got my window opening from Xiaomi detected. However, I am confused as to how can Alexa find the device locally? Or Cloud is a must?

I have tried doing it locally by emulating the HA as Phillips Hue Hub from online guide. I have added the said device into configuration.xml as such:
host_ip: x.x.x.x
listen_port: 80
expose_by_default: false
name: “Window“
hidden: false
However, when Alexa found the device, it does not recognize the action words “Window Open” or “Window Close”. I have to use “Turn On Window” and “Turn Off Window”. This is funny but any bright ideas to work around the problem?

I have also tried the HA Cloud, same thing. Is there no other way to get the right action words to work?

Thanks for the help in advance.

Sadly thats the only work around if you want it totally local…the Hue Emulation can only be used for “lights” and “switches”…so you can say Turn on “switch/light” or Turn off “switch/ light” or you can say things like set “light” to 50% brightness, or even change colour. but the hue emulation does not know about fans or blinds/shutters/windows.

The only other completely local solution i have found is the Matterbridge (can be intergrated into HA) : this will create local matter bridge and you can control anything in home assistant from Alexa, all you need to do is go to alexa and add the matterbridge (QR Code).

I however use node-red with the following node : this is however cloud based and is NOT LOCAL, but has worked without fail for years.