Integrating crazy VU meter to HA with a D1 mini with relays

I have built a crazy VU meter, code is made by WannaDuino.
I want to integrate it to HA, so that I can turn it on and off, and change patterns in it (you change patterns by a momentary switch at D4 to ground).

The code is built into an Arduino Nano, and can just fit, so I have to get a second one for the HA integration.
I was thinking about getting one of these:

They will share the 5V and ground input from the PSU.
Then I could turn the VU meters 5V power supply on and off with the one relay, and switch the pattern by attaching the Vu meter switch pin to the other relay, and let it go to ground if it’s supposed to switch (it has to act as a momentary switch).
I do think that the extra relay is a bit overkill, as it’s just a pin going to ground if it is supposed to switch pattern, but I’m unsure of how to accomplish this otherwise.
What do you think?

I got a link to a guy that has worked with these relays, and apprantly it’s not that simple, it ia controlled serially as explained here

Or maybe just get another nano, and connect it to one of these:

I guess that would just be a D pin of some sort on the input side to each of them?

You can load ESPhome onto those serial relays. Someone has worked it out: