Integrating DHT11 sensor to work with HomeAssistant

Hi Community

I am a newbie to home assistant and I would like to integrate my DHT11 sensor to work with my raspberry pi4, after going over some articles i found out, the official support for the said sensor is dropped but can be manually installed under the config folder. I am using HA using docker container on pi4.

Can you guys please explain me the process of setup, it would be a great help.

I think you are trying to do this the hard way. I am pretty sure there is no way to integrate the sensor directly on your Home Assistant server. (Maybe with containers or virtual machines, but I refuse to go down those rabbit holes of complexity). I have nearly 100 sensors, switches, lights, etc all over my house and every one of them has a processor in it. Almost all of them are running an ESP chip. Just Google “DHT11 on ESPHome”. Here’s an example.

You can buy ESP development boards like the NodeMCU, or my favorite the Wemos D1 Mini from Amazon for $3 each. Buy a few to experiment with.

By the way, the DHT11 is probably the worst sensor for temperature and humidity- terribly inaccurate. A better sensor is the DHT22 or the BME280. You should also probably have an assortment of resistors like this kit.

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Hey mate

Thanks for the quick reply, as I am a newbie I don’t understand much about this process, so as far as I understood the way which I was figuring out to make it work is complex? And using esphome is much simpler way to make the dht11 sensor to work with HA.
I am having esp8266 can you mention the further steps for the same.

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Bonus you can include the Bluetooth proxy software when doing it and extend Bluetooth coverage to the area where this sensor will be.

+1 avoid direct connection to the pi go Esp32

The ESP8266 is the processor chip. Which development board do you have? For example if it’s the NodeMCU then Google “NodeMCU DHT11 ESPHome” . You’ll find dozens of example projects.

I am having nodemcu varient.
I have a doubt will this sensor work fine if I am using HA on docker which is installed on top of casaos

The sensor will work. Just Google some projects.