Integrating different protocol devices in HA

Hello, Can any one help me understand regarding integration of different devices in HA ( WIFI switches, Zigbee devices, Aqara devices , Xiaomi devices) do I need mutiple hubs for non Zigbee devices? The Zigbee devices are working good with ZHA. But wifi devices like light bulbs, Moes sensors, I find problem. If anyone helps, it will be appriciated!

Every vendor’s product requires an integration in HA to make things work. Tuya devices require the Tuya integration to work. SONOFF require eWeLink to work. Other vendors like Shelly, Athom, etc require their integration to make things work. WiFi is universal but accessing the device through a web interface depends on every vendor. For example Tuya has no webUI config, as everything is done through the Tuya app. Shelly has a webUI to configure the device.

You need a way to receive and/or transmit each radio protocol or frequency that your devices are using. That might mean using something that is already built into your server, or adding a USB dongle, or adding a standalone “hub”… but it might just mean choosing a different integration to work with the hardware you already have.

Aqara devices are Zigbee devices, but only a relatively small number of them currently work with the ZHA integration. A larger number of them do work with Zigbee2MQTT. You cannot use both integrations on a single coordinator, so you would need to switch or add a separate coordinator for Zigbee2MQTT.

Some of the other brands you have mentioned sell an array of devices that use different protocols, so you will need to research which one your devices are using.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot. Clear now!