Integrating Fetch TV (Australian set top box)

I would love to have my Fetch Mighty and Mini intergrated with Home Assistant. I tried doing this myself by attempting to figure out how the Fetch Mobi app “talks” to the Fetch boxes but i had never done anything like that before and was biting off way more than i could chew.

I have noticed a fair amount of Aussies on here and i would imagine that they too would also be interested in having this intergration. It just requires someone who, unlike me, knows what the hell they’re doing :joy: .

I would really like this too – even if there is some way to find out if its in use or not, as a trigger/state for automations ?

Ive tried hunting around at the network level and port 80 and 111 are open, but neither of them seem to give anything useful, nor do they change if the device is on or in standby.

anther convo here; FetchTV box