Integrating Gate Intercom into Home Assistant

Hi. For a while I wanted to integrate the intercom we have into Home Assistant, but I am pretty sure it is not possible to integrate the G-Speak Ultra unit into Home Assistant.

That is why I searched for another way. All I would really want to use it for is to know if someone is at the gate, possibly with a button press, but it would also be nice to have two-way talk and video with a camera aswell.
I came across the Aqara G4 and it ticked all my boxes, except it was a bit too large for the pole I already installed for the G-Speak unit and the range between the chime and the doorbell was reported to be just 5 metres.
Next I looked into just getting a zigbee button and a camera that acts as a zigbee hub, but the only camera I found was the Aqara G2H and G3, which are indoor cameras.

Few nice to haves I am looking for are Homekit support or Home Assistant support, possibly even through RTSP, for the camera. And the option to share the camera with other users, as I share the gate with neighbours.

Any suggestions for integrating an intercom system would be greatly appreciated.

Dahua VTO models can integrate using frigate or go2rtc