Integrating Hichi WIFI IR reader into HA Energy Dashboard

As a complete newbie, I’ve been trying for a week now, 100s of posts and Google searches to display something meaningful in the Energy dashboard. (All other displays work).
My configuration is as follows.
Easy Meter Q3A + Hichi-Wifi + Raspi 4b with HA.
The meter gives me two values via MQTT/Tasmota:
sensor.tasmota_sml_watt_sum ( current power in watts ).
sensor.tasmota_sml_consumption_sum ( cumulative consumption )

which of the above two sensors should I use for the configuration.yaml of the Energy Board?
Or do I possibly have to create another sensor. Which one and how?
How should the entry in the Conf…yaml look so that it is displayed on the network consumption page including the costs.

Any help is very much appreciated

As far as I know you need to provide a “state_class” for the entity so that the Energy Dashboard “knows” that the sensor is suitable.

Reference (in German):ähler-auslesen/

    device_class: energy 
    unit_of_measurement: "kWh"
    state_class: total_increasing   <- ab HA 2022.02 notwendig, sonst wird euer Verbrauch unter HA Energy nicht angezeigt (link)

You would need to customize your sensor (sensor.tasmota_sml_consumption_sum) of course :slight_smile:

HTH, Socrates