Integrating Huawei Solar (FusionSolar)

Hi Home Asisstant community.
I wonder if anyone would help me create integration for the Huawei PV system?
I know all about the inverters and API accounts for retrieving data so if you would like to help me code the integration please feel free.

The Huawei API also lets you do all kinda of things that most other systems dont like control the PV plant like battery charge/discharge, output limitations, ect. I know the API but not how to code the integration.

Kind regards
Jesper E

Hi,I ‘m also interested, any news? :slight_smile:

You can use GitHub - tijsverkoyen/HomeAssistant-FusionSolar: Integrate FusionSolar into your Home Assistant.
This allows you to choose to integrate through the Kiosk mode, or the OpenAPI implementation.

I won’t maintain GitHub - tijsverkoyen/Home-Assistant-FusionSolar-Kiosk: Integrate FusionSolar into your Home Assistant. anymore, so please the first 1.

hi, I am a junior user. What do I need to do to get it work? I am stupid …