Integrating LED light that comes with generic with 2.4GHz RF remote/controller

I bought and LED light for our dining room that comes with a dimmable controller allowing dimming functions, color temperature etc.

While it works standalone I’d like to integrate this into Home Assistant. Being cheap there is no documentation other than the attached.

Is there a way to integrate this via something like RFLink etc.?

I have looked for specs on the LED driver SN-RF72/108CW but couldn’t find anything.

If I can’t get the specs the other approach may be to replace the LED driver with something known that runs on Wifi or another RF interface What about ZigBee?

Hi I have the same power supply and I’m searching a solution too. A ZigBee solution would be nice. Did you find anything?

Bump. Shouldn’t this work with a RFLink with 2.4GHz transmitter?

Probably not, since it does not seem to be a Milight. I tried GitHub - sidoh/esp8266_milight_hub: Replacement for a Milight/LimitlessLED hub hosted on an ESP8266 it does not work. The very few available info seem to indicate it’s another undocumented protocol.

I have a light with a very similar remote (this one is only for dimming, no color or temperature):

So far I’ve had no luck with a RFLink with 433MHz+2.4GHz transceivers… nothing appears on the logs when I use the remote (even though a somfy RTS device is controlled perfectly with it using the 433 band)

The approach I’m trying to take here is that of a hardware solution. @Austins_Creations on the SuperHouseTV Discord server was super helpful and has provided some great insight into this → Discord. You essentially take an ESP to mimic button presses

NOTE: Theory at the moment as this project is still in the pipeline

Please, do keep us updated! :slight_smile:

I have the exact same remote with a very similar LED driver. Mine is an SN-RF54/72CW. I have two lights and they claim to be able to pair both lights to a single remote and the directions are confusing at best. Actually, I have found 3 different pairing instructions and none of them work. I was looking into maybe replacing the entire LED driver in the light? It would have to be 120V input, 24V output and also dim and change color temp on the LEDs.

I am wondering if it would be easier to just replace the LED driver. I do Z-Wave and found this: 75W Constant Voltage Z-Wave RGBW LED Dimmable Driver SRP-ZV9105-75W-CVF

I thought the LED string only had a couple wires though. I am not sure how you get power, color temp, and dimming down two wires.

That driver seems to be for RGBW led strips so which kind are you strips? Driver name “SN-RF54/72CW” suggests it’s only cold white but it might be in fact WW+CW since the OP can change the white temperature. With the remote, I guess you change the white color temperature? And that you can’t have real colors such as blue etc.?

And yes I also think the easier would be to change the driver.