Integrating LEGO lights into HA

We’ve started getting in to LEGO, and I wanted to add lights to our Hogwarts Castle built into a coffee table. Obviously the included “remote control” was a long way from useful for integration, so I’ve designed an ESP32 based PCB with 16 light channels, that works in Home Assistant. As a bonus, there’s a really nice flickering effect in ESPHome that works great for flaming torches!

Full details, including PCB design, code and a video are on Github called LEDBrickHome


Please show us the castle in a coffee table.


Here you go!


Amazing! Thanks.

@ChukwuOsiris where can I find pcb?

I have also been trying to find the answer to this. I messaged @ChukwuOsiris on Reddit but they do not seem very active on there. I found this site LEDBrickHome 16 Channel Version - Xelaser but I’m hoping for a confirmation before buying.

Hey, that’s correct, I wasn’t really expecting much interest (niche hobby of HA colliding with niche hobby of LED lighting in LEGO!). I’ve sold all of my initial batch (and need some more for LEGO builds I’ve got in progress!) So you can backorder them from Xelaser, and they’ll ship out probably early next year.