Integrating Livolo RF433 Switches with real ON / OFF commands

Hi, everyone. First, I would like to say that I am very impressed by the evolution of Home Assistant over the last few months, and by the incredible dynamism of its community.

Having purchased Livovo RF433 switches I have encountered some difficulties in integrating them satisfactorily into Home Assistant using my RFlink gateway.

I have collected a lot of information in various forums, including those of other home automation software in order to write an article that summarizes how to integrate these switches into HA. You can read this article on my web page if you are interested in this topic.

See article here
I don’t speak English natively, so sorry if there are any mistakes. Any help to improve this article is welcome.

Hi Xavier,

I saw your article few months ago when I was considering migrating from Domoticz to HA and I was pretty impressed with your understanding of those not-so-popular switches, however I didn’t have understanding of HA at the time. Now I know my way around HA and I decided it’s time to have true On/Off commands for my Livolo switches, but sadly I see your page is down. Is it possible to provide an alternative link?