Integrating Mi-Light 5 in 1 LED Controller with Home Assistant


Has anyone had any success trying to integrate a Mi-Light 5 in 1 LED controller with Home Assistant?

They use the closed 2.4GHz RF communications to work with remotes and bridges. They also connect directly to Wi-Fi and appear to act as their own single channel bridge.


Being in the mi-light eco system I’m assuming it can be added in the same way as a bridge using he limitlessLED integration.

Here’s my configuration;

#Mi-Light Configuration
  platform: limitlessled
    - host:
      version: 4
      port: 8899
      - number: 1
        name: Stairs
        type: white
        fade: true

I’ve been able to interrogate the device which is connected to my network using the tools here;

I can even control the light from web browser using port 8899 and some of the commands documented in the link above.

When integrated with Home Assistant the new entity is added with no configuration errors raised, but as far as I can tell no UDP messages are ever sent from HA. The light doesn’t respond to commands through Home Assistant.


Some investigation using Wireshark seems to show that Home Assistant never sends any data to the controller’s IP address. When using the web browser the traffic sent to the controller can be seen.

and how did it work out eventually?

Hi did you find any solution?

Hi, I’m new to Home Assistant, but I control this kind of device with DIY hardware
It works with MQTT. I have not test it a lot for now but it is known to work with Home Assistant.

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Is there any way to control the channels on this device idenpendently?
Concret I would like to connect two seperate CCT stripes, which I would like to control independent …

Thanks for your answers in advance :wink: