Integrating my Samsung Web Browser as Digital Signage Player

Hello Friends,

I have a Samsung S43BM70 which I would like to use as a digital signagne player (only for home usage, this is nothing professional but it should obviously be running solid).
I want to Display Grafana on it, which is only running locally.

The Monitor has a Webbrowser installed which I am currently using, but its definetely not running smooth enough. After 4 Hours the TV will turn off sometimes my automation will not detect that it has turned off and it will just stay off (ofc best would be if it doesnt turn off at all).
Sometimes after the Restart / Start the Webbrowser will not load my website (this is my biggest issue, because I have to manually open the website again).

Do you guys know if there is any way in which I can send a homeassistant command to the TV to open a website (url)? (maybe over smartthings or dlna?)
Also is there a command to “refresh” the page (like click the mouse or move it in a direction for 2 px) so it will not fall asleep (I would automate this so it sends the command every hour or so) ?

Otherwise I guess I have to get a raspberry with some digital signage os and I would rather save the €€.

Thank you guys for any input!