Integrating pylontech UP5000 into homeassistant

I have a pylontech battery, connected via console port with a RJ45 to USB cable.

I used Battery view on my laptop with no issues.

I want to integrate the data polling into Home Assistant.

I have a nanopi running Armbian, a version of debian for ARM.

I have a VM on a separate machine running HomeAssistant.

How can I read data from the pylontech battery and feed it into homeassistant?

Maybe this will help:

That does not really help, as it was built specifically for Arduino, with different libraries.

I am using an ftdi usb cable.

Thanks for the suggestion

Looking for a solution for something very similar. I have a pylontech-compatible battery pack/bms that came with a RS485 RJ45 USB cable.

I am not keen on using a WiFi-Solution due to stability. Especially when the home assistant hardware (Home Assistant OS installed on bare metal) sits right next to the battery.

Have you found a solution?