Integrating Sofar Solar inverter

A month ago I changed from Domotcz to Home Assistant.

Hardware: Raspberry Pi4 with only SSD disc.
Database is a MySQL database.

P1 Slimme (smart) meter
Sofar Solar 1600TL inverter (2016)

Goals are:

  1. Integrate the P1 meter and Sofar Solar Inverter.
  2. Get the Energy data in a dashboard.
  3. Send data to
  4. Create reports.

For goal 1 I use DSMR Slimme meter integration for Electricity and Gas consumption data.
For getting the inverter data I have a Python script to send a command to receive data.
The script works and data can be received from inverter.
I can expand the script to parse the data into readable data.

Source for fetching and parsing data is:

My challenge is to get the data into Home Assistant so that I can utilize it into a dashboard or other purposes.

Does anybody has a suggestion how to do this or in what direction do I have to find a solution?

I’am familiar with networking and computers but new to Home assistant.

Help is appreciated.

Did you have any results? I have the Sofar solar inverter too but can’t get it connected with HAS.

I set this up yesterday, works very well and home assistant can see everything