Integrating solar into my energy profile - stats wrong?

This is what I have now set up

The dash will show this

But it’s wrong. The stats from solar analytics say
In the integration it shows

So the Total Energy Generated is 13kwh, which is right but the dash subtracts use, so I added Total Energy Consumed Solar.

Next import is right. 2.6kwh

But export is wrong. Dash says 8kwh, should be 10.
What is being subtracted?

Remove that. You only need to specify the solar energy generated. The energy dashboard will calculate the rest.

Without Total Energy Consumed Solar it was showing Total Energy Generated 10kwh instead of 13
It’s just all wrong.

The entity appears to be correct:


This is what the energy dashboard would show. Unless it was not monitoring for the entire day. Did you only set this up part way through the day?

It’s been set for 2 years.
Yes The entity appears to be correct. But the dash doesn’t use the 13, it shows 10kwh. It’s already subtracting something?

Can you show the history graph for the whole day for the solar energy generated sensor?

Here it is

I guess that’s yesterday’s, reset at 9am.

My analytics for the day

I meant for the day shown in your first post.

Yes, this is all today.
The first post was at noon.

The energy dashboard is updated at 12 minutes past the hour. So it may be behind your other monitor. Check the total solar displayed in the energy dashboard 12 minutes past the hour after the sun goes down.

@tom_l is correct. You need one figure that tracks your total solar generation.

From the integration values it looks like you are reading daily values, ie readings that reset every day. HA is clever and copes with such things but if you have total non-resetting values - just like old electricity meters - it’s simpler all round.

My solar inverter has a lifetime production figure - I use that in the energy dashboard.

Good luck

OK so removed that

My analytics after sunset



I guess it’s that time lag thing after all then?
So energy dashboard is updated hourly only?


You stats for today might be a bit messed up because of the extra solar sensor you had.

I see. I also have these stats
This is 9:35

This is 9:40

Everything else from the solaranalytics integration is unknown.

The sa_data_by_5min* have no units.
I think that’s the solar energy generated over the last 5min.
3006+262=3268 Wh

How can I convert energy Wh into power W?
Can I plug these into somewhere useful so I can turn things on/off depending on excess solar?