Integrating the "non-smart" doorbell

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Hey guys,

i live in a rented flat with an classic door bell and intercom system,

as far I can see, the system is by Bitron, the intercom (house phone) in the flat is a Bitron AN-0002, the bell transformer shows the following:

I have two pushbutton switches (one at the house entrance, one on the apartment door), guess they use the same wiring (parallel?). Also there are two bells in the apartment, one in the hallway, one in the kitchen.

Now I wish to make the system a bit smarter:

  1. I want to be able to disable each bells on its own (e.g. when the baby sleeps, i do not want the bells to ring)

  2. I want to have a notification inside Home Assitant when someone rings on the door

  3. Not that important, but nice to have: I want to be able to open the door via Home Assitant (like pressing the button on the Bitron AN-0002)

What can I do the best?

Thank you


Maybe this?

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Thank you for your answer and excuse my late response.

Is it possible to use Zigbee instead of WiFi (additionally?) I prefer to use not so many different systems here and I try to avoid Wifi devices for such uses :slight_smile:

Well, maybe this?

This looks great!
Unfortunately it seems to be available only in US and costs me 25$ just for shipping. Damn.