Integrating Velux Active (KIG 300) into Home Assistant


as I was struggeling in integrating my Velux Covers into Home Assistant via KIG 300, I want to share a quick guide which steps I performed:

1) Integrate Gateway to Home Assistant

  • Reset KIG 300 Gateway by pressing config button until LED is red and release the button then
  • Bring KIG 300 Gateway into wifi network with Velux Active App (I used the iOS one)
  • Once your phone is intented to integrate Velux into Homekit app (asks for homekit code) DO NOT proceed on the phone. Restart Home Assistant host instead.
  • Once Home Assistant was restarted, a new Homekit device should be displayed at the HA frontend (notifications). Enter the Homekit activation code, which is indicated on the gateway backside
  • Gateway should be visible in Home Assistant, but do not show any devices (e.g. Covers)

2) Add Covers:

  • Not sure if needed: At the Cover remote press Window symbol for 10 secs, release it and then press it short again. Remote should be not able to control the cover anymore
  • Open the Window, remove the plastic cover and press the pairing button outside of the window for 10 secs. The cover starts to move
  • Press Window button at the remote short (<1 sec). Remote is repaired to the window now.
  • Pair new device in the Velux Active App (follow steps in app). Once it is found here, it will automatically be displayed in Home Assistant Frontend.

At least that was my approach. Maybe this helps anybody.

Kindest regards!


Great job. Thank you for sharing the steps. After you add the bridge to HA can you control your Velux blinds/windows from HomeKit too?

So I used an android phone to download the velux app and set the KIG 300 up to use the WIFI. Once it was connected and wanted to detect new devices I discovered it in HA and registered it with the homekit number provided on the device.
Then i went back to the app and started adding my shutters. I had followed the instruction on the velux site and i just had to press a button on my KLI310 remotes (some setup/wheelcog like hidden button) to trigger the registration. The remotes are still able to control the shutters and after some time the shutters showed up in HA as well. So it was very easy and straighforward.

There was no need to go outside and reset the shutters with my setup.

My idea is to add Velux hub to HA and control windows and blinds with it and in the same time to add the hub to HomeKit. I have KNX wall switch that I want use to control Velux windows and blinds and in the same time I want to be able to use Siri to control them too. Right now I can do that with some workarounds in KNX ETS and HomeKit automations (I have 1Home integration) but it is not working properly. I guess it is because of HomeKit. The automations there are not reliable. One of the important things for me is to have the status of the windows/blinds in the KNX. Open/closed is fine. Iā€™m not looking for % of open/closed.