Integration ALERT does not send notification, although conditions seemed to be ok

I have problem with the integration ALERT, used for the state of an IPP Printer, when the ink gets low and needs a refill. I do not get any notification, although the state of the ink is 13% and the condition <= 13%

I am using the actual system:
Home Assistant 2023.9.2
Supervisor 2023.09.2
Operating System 10.5
Frontend 20230911.0 - latest

The integration is written in the file alerts.yaml, the link for the alerts.yaml is in the configuration.yaml:

alert: !include alerts.yaml

The states of the condition in alerts.yaml is tested in the Developer Tool (by Bolean result in the tap for templates).

The ALERT condition in alerts.yaml is the following:

    name: Time To Order Ink - Black Ink type 
    # title: Meldung von Epson Drucker
    message: Black ink has fallen to "{{ states('sensor.epson_wf_3725_black_ink') }}%"
    done_message: Black ink has been refilled.
    entity_id: sensor.epson_wf_3725_black_ink
    # triggered if Black ink is below 13 %
    state: "{{ int(states('sensor.epson_wf_3725_black_ink')) <= 13 }}"
    # Repeating once per min
    repeat: 1
    # skip set to false for testings, notification immediately
    skip_first: false
      - mobile_app_iphone13thomas
      - email_notification
      - notify
    can_acknowledge: true

The repeat time of 1 min is only for testing!

Could you please support me in that case to get a notification for the condition. Thanks in advance for your support.



Alert does not accept templates in the state field.

See Complex Alert Criteria