Integration Axis not working after update 0.117


Since the 0.117 update yesterday my axis camera integration has stopped working! They are on another subnet and I use a viewer account to integrate with home assistant.

when I try to add my camera I get ‘failed to connect’

Does someone know how to solve this issue?


Im investigating the issue

What firmware and devices are affected?

Ah, great, thanks!

I got 2 axis camera’s: one m1031w and one m5014!

And what firmwares do they have?

M1031w: 5.20.5

I have the same problem with my Axis camera after installing update 0.117 and also with update 0.117.1

Camera: M1034-W

here also Axis P3344 not working anymore. Upgraded to latest firmware 5.51.7 without luck

Right now firmwares around 5.51 and older are not working

Same problems here:
AXIS P3343 Network Camera

Firmware version:

Update: now on the last available firmware version for my model Firmware version:

Still not working

Same problem here with M1031W Camera !

Same problem with M3203, fw 5.51.7, hass 0.117.5

There is now a PR up to fix the issue upstream in the new http library

Same problem here have 3 AXIS M1031W Camera ! With firmware 5.20.5

Installing the latest version 118.0 did not solve the issue for me.

Canera: M1034-W

Same here. I’m on HA 118.2

Camera: M3024-LVE

Camera: M5014
Firmware: 5.51.6

The upstream PR to fix this issue is progressing and had been approved. I don’t know how the process is for getting them released so no known timeline still

I’ve locally verified the fix from upstream and it does work, lets hope they finish the review shortly.

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is there any news for the Axis camera?

I’ll check with them later tonight


They’re still doing improvements since it is important to not affect performance it takes some extra time to get things right