Integration "beeLogger" / Beehive Monitoring

Hi all,
since I am planning to start with beekeeping at some point, I thought about an option to monitor information of the beehive within home assistant.
Sure, there are many options how to monitor the weight of the hive, the temperatures and so on - but I found an interesting project which can already do most of the important things.

The project is called “beelogger” and it is an open source project based on an Arduino.
It can measure the weight of the hive, count the bees flying in / out, the temperature and humidity and works with a solar power source as well as some batteries.

Right now, I am in contact with the support / developers of the bee Logger, to see how an integration into Homeassistant could be done…

First of all, the beelogger is collecting all measurements 4 times an hour (every 15minutes) - and sending the data to a server application once per hour.
The datatransfer will be done either over wifi, lan or - if required per GSM module.

You can host your own webserver - or can use a webspace provided by the community (for free)…
Right now, there’s no defined API or interface for a communication with other systems available - but this is why I am creating this topic.

I haven’t built any kind of integration for HomeAssistant so far, but I am very interested in starting this project… but I would need some help…

Is there someone who does beekeeping already?
Is there someone who would be interested in such an integration?
Is there someone who would help me developing this thing?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
& Cheers,