Integration: DMP Virtual Keypad

Was wondering if anyone could create a DMP security system integration, I know someone who has reverse engineered the Remote Link protocol and will be able to post it soon. Is this at all possible?

If you are talking about a newer XR-series DMP panel (XR150/550), my recommendation would be to absolutely not use the Remote Link connection and focus on using the integration connection that was added back around firmware v.192.

I’ve had a lot of aggravation dealing with integrations that use the RL connection. Virtual Keypad and Dealer Admin both utilize that same connection and they and the integration will fight over the connection. Also, if the integration polls the panel for status, a message will be sent to the central station (remote command received) on every polling, if using the RL connection.

I’m a DMP guy, working for a DMP dealer… if I can help at all, I will. I would love to integrate HA with my XR150.

Ooh! A wild DMP dealer appears. Thanks for offering your help. I think OP has one of the XT50 panels from seeing one of their posts on reddit. Actually, I got myself an XR150 recently so I might have to try out the dealer integration. Now I’m up to 2x XR500 and an XR150, would be willing to ship one of the 500s to anybody who wants to have a device to program against.

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I wouldn’t spend too much time on the XR500. While the programming interface is the same as the other panels, the XR150/550 does more and has an integration interface. You also can’t get LTE cell cards for the 500 any longer, so you’re stuck with network communication (and, POTs!). The newer panels all support EasyConnect network comm for VPN connection out to DMP’s servers (Virtual Keypad/Dealer Admin). I’d love to see someone come up with something to interface with the keypad bus, but I have a feeling that may be too much.

I know personally a lot of alarm enthusiasts that have older XR500s just because they’re so cheap and extensible. I think what I’ll do is make an API for it sort of like zwavejs that can translate a command like “arm area 3” into either an integration command or a programming link command depending on configuration options.

@JoeJalbe Is there any way you can get me some docs on the integration interface? I’d love to learn more.

Keybus emulation would definitely be above me, although I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s possible given DMP’s record of being extremely backwards compatible. AlarmDecoder already does this but with Honeywell and some DSC systems I believe. Wonder if they would be open to making an integration.

I’ll see what I can find out. They may be open to it.

Yes, DMP is very backwards compatible, especially on the busses.

I haven’t tried the integrator settings yet but it looks like the network monitoring has the same format as PC log reports. I’m working on setting up a local server that will listen for events, dump them in a db, and fire off something to hass (probably my own integration). I’m a quick and dirty scripter, not a programmer, so my code may be messy, but it should theoretically work.

For those who stumble upon this later, Alarm component for DMP alarm system - #4 by baddienatalie

DMP dealer as well, I got the integration posted here working on port 2001, but I haven’t been able to get the integration port to work. Is it 8001 or 8011? Do you set a password or does that replace the remote key? The moment I connect with the tech app, my connection stalls until it times out.

Found this while seeing if home assistant has DMP integration.

Not sure if there have been any new developments on this but DMP is allegedly opening their API up in the next few months, or providing an option for it. I’ve had a few conversations with their management about it.

I’d also echo the comment not to waste time with the Xr100 or Xr500. They’re dead unfortunately and offer little to no VK or even dealer admin integration. No easyconnect (ddns like service), no lte cell communication, 10 base T 1/2 duplex Ethernet…could go on.


Do you know if DMP has made any headway on releasing an API?

I have an XT-50 and would really like an integration like that of which works great.