Integration DVR H.264 buy Chine in Ebay

Hello, I have a cctv system in DVR H.264, I use to connect by mobile
This DVR can be integrate in Home Assistant?


It depends entirely how whether it provides any form of video stream for each camera, and what that stream is.

how can I find this information??

many thanks

Do you have a model number for the DVR?

What port is used for the mobile app?,

Does the manual mention anything about Onvif?


I did this at the weekend for my HView DVR with 2 non IP cameras.

Have a look at Hickvision for the RTSP command to get the streams but this worked for me. Just change the IP address to your DVR IP and PORT number. Also change USERNAME and PASSWORD and CHANNEL Number ie 1, 2, 3, etc to match how you log on to your DVR in the cameras.yaml file.


Below is what I have in configuration.yaml (please excuse my formatting)

  ffmpeg_bin: /usr/bin/ffmpeg

  javascript_version: latest


Then I created a cameras.yaml and have the below

  - platform: generic
    name: Streaming Enabled
    stream_source: rtsp://
    verify_ssl: false
    scan_interval: 5

  - platform: ffmpeg
    name: Driveway
    input: -rtsp_transport tcp -i rtsp://

Below is the lovelace card info

camera_image: camera.driveway
entities: []
title: Front Garden
type: picture-glance

I also XMEye android app for this on my mobile.

In no way am I an expert in this and I got help from people on here and googling this question and finding other posts on this great forum. Please do the same and you should be OK.



Hello, I have rpi3 raspbian Lite and HA in VENV.
I install ffmpeg via apt-get install ffmpeg
I tray configurations for ma DVR GS-7604AD but no sucess

can you help, dvr is now prive eBay DVR h264 (Chine)
many thanks

Hello, my dvr don’t show the model. I use in dvr the mobile port to access with Kmeye app.
How i find the code to program HA (RTSP command)?


Sorry, I dont know. I just found various webpages with an rstp link and they didnt work until I found the rstp link above for my camera.

You need to google for the manufacturer or just google and test the links. Dont forget to put your username and password in and the correct port and camera location channel.

I did all this in VLC first testing the links.

Hello, same problem. Myd DVR model HD128M4CH dont have RTSP port, only mobile and media port.
how make integration? in computer I use NetDvr pluggin.
on Mobile android I use KMeye app.


I would like to try the code you posted but something seems off to me. How does the config.yaml reference the new camera.yaml. I tried this code and nothing was listed in states. Is this complete?


It references the camera.yaml like it references any other yaml file like customize.yaml or sensor.yaml

I have the below in my configuration.yaml to point to camera.yaml

camera: !include camera.yaml

Here is a link on what I mean

Thanks Martyn

There is a WIP for this purpose, using the Sofia protocol, for those using XMEYE app, as a custom component for Home Assistant:


How it’s work? I can’t find any description. :slightly_frowning_face:

For what I can see, that is a WIP, not a fully functional component yet (unfortunately).

Hi @nelson, does DVRip work for your KMeye?
Kind regards.

how can i install it in homeassistant? there are no information about it.

I recommend to use the following instead of ONVIF integration

I have been installed dbuezas/icsee-ptz… now, this is the actual status…

how can i see the cameras video?