Integration Fibaro Homecenter 3

Hi is someone working on a integration to fibaro homecenter 3.

Fibaro Integration
Doesn’t this integration work anymore? Or isn’t this what you’re looking for?

That one is for fibaro Hc2

Nah it works… I had to go dig up my old fibaro homecenter 3 lite, to check this & I can see how people are getting confused, but it works…

in the URL field put “http://HOST/api/”. “HOST” being you IP or DNS address of your fibaro home centre.

don’t include the *

THANKS !!! :slight_smile: it works some times it’s too simple

I was convinced it was for Hc2. There is a quick app developed for HC3 that uses mqtt which I never got to work

:+1: no worries :grin: