Intégration FLux camera TY2 Ezviz

I have a problem getting the feed from my EZVIZ camera despite the different manipulations in the different topics. I can manage it with the different functions but not have the flow.
I have uninstalled Ezviz several times and nothing works. I tried to integrate the Rtsc line directly but without result. Could you please help me.

I leave the card code:

type: grid
square: false
columns: 1

  • type: entities
    • entity: binary_sensor.salon_alarm_schedules_enabled
      name: Alarm schedules enabled
    • entity: sensor.salon_canaux_supportes
      name: Canaux supportés
    • entity: binary_sensor.salon_chiffrement
      name: Chiffrement
    • entity: sensor.salon_ip_locale
      name: IP locale
    • entity: sensor.salon_ip_wan
      name: IP WAN
    • entity: sensor.salon_last_alarm_type_code
      name: Last alarm type code
    • entity: sensor.salon_last_alarm_type_name
      name: Last alarm type name
    • entity: binary_sensor.salon_mouvement
      name: Mouvement
    • entity: sensor.salon_pir_status
      name: PIR status
      title: Salon
  • show_state: true
    show_name: true
    camera_view: auto
    type: picture-entity