Integration for Bauknecht HomeNet Kitchen devices

Are there any integration or rest api that can be support for kitchen devices of Bauknecht?

There are using the Home Net app using Wifi to control it. Shold that be possible maybe?

For siemens devices is that well possible with home connect but i need to know if it possible for bauknecht.

Hey Himdola,

can you give an example of which devices you’re referring to exactly? Maybe someone has already found out the APIs for that :slight_smile:

Hi There
I have a bauknecht oven i cannot connect to HA i use bauknecht home net to access the oven. I can also use whirlpool six sence to connect also.
I cant find any API information.
Hope someone have a good idea how to connect.
br Martin

Just wanted to give some input. Maybe this can be achieved using the Google home gateway of the device. Reference here:

The Google Assistant SDK integration allows ha to send text commands:

Looks pretty promising.

unfortunable whirlpool remove my owen from the app. Now I can only use Baunknect Home Net to connect my owen.

I had no success either. I was not able to add the bauknecht devices in the whirlpool app… I wrote bauknecht an email, but they are totally uncooperative. I give up on this for now.