Integration for Klarstein DryFy

is there any integration for the Klarstein DryFy dehumidifiers available?
I think it would be very interesting to have such an integration, because there is no integration for dehumidifiers at all (excluding Midea Inventor Dehumidifier this one, because it’s not available any more). So it would be great if somebody can help me.
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This integration will be grate also for me

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i’m very interested on this. First step i think is get protocol, how we can proceed? i have a tcpdump but seems to be encripted or very difficult to understand…
edit: another info, this seems a nodemcu unit, can be decripted in some way?

It is Tuya compatible, everything but lights works from Tuya app. Maybe it will work with scenes.

En la integración directa de tuya no la agrega como dispositivo

Tutorial for Klarstein Wonderwall IR Heater


  1. Install TuyaSmart and complete registration / configuration
  2. Set Klarstein Wonderwall in Pairing mode
  3. Add new device from Small Appliances > Heater (Wifi)
  4. Set WIFI SSID and password
  5. Check that you can control Wonderwall with Tuya app
    (pic just for preview)

Home Assistant:

  1. Configuration > Integration > Add > Tuya* and complete configuration

*Google tutorial if you’re not sure how to do it

After all the steps are successful you should have new entity Climate device and Entity


  1. Add card > Generic Thermostat > climate.2387420375203
    Zrzut ekranu 2021-05-16 194122


  • can control heater from HA
  • can set schedule or automation when heater is on/off from HA
  • possible to set temperature with the new tuya cloud integration


  • cannot turn the heater off, but it’s possible to set temp to 0 so it doesnt heat :exclamation: :exclamation:

its possible to set temperature with the new tuya cloud integration

Hello all,

I only have one entity as bellow:

How can i get all the information on HA as tuya cloud and app:

Hey, it’s been a while but, if anyone else need this,
here’s how to add the dryfy connect information you see in smartlife to HA:

Install the Hacs integration localtuya (GitHub - rospogrigio/localtuya: local handling for Tuya devices )

Read the repo, but after the integration is all setup, you can add a device(dryfy connect) and manually add the sensor(one by one, and it s a bit a pain in the a** to know which value is but, doable) from tuya iot.

It gives this on mine:

I keept the entity from the HA tuya integration, since i can put it in a “type: humidifier” card, and control the humidity target %, because via locatuya, there’s the value for humidity target but i did not succed to make it work, but with normal HA tuya it work so^^

@Asteroidz : Hi, I have managed to integrate my DryFy using the integration, but all I can do is switch it on and off. I have no clue which sensor(s) to configure and which values to use.
Is there a way you can post what you have used?

Many thanks in advance!


It took me several days to find out how this works, but finally managed to get it configured:

If anyone needs details of each sensor/DP let me know

If you could provide it to me, it would be great!

I don’t see another way then posting a screenshot of each entity. There are 2 other values: 102, which is a Switch (Water Pump) and 11 which I have no idea what it stands for.
Hope it helps. But first the view in HA:

Thanks, however i do not get the point on how and where to configure the entity ? in localtuya ? as i use the regular tuya integration (but with missing data).
Can you probably share the yaml code ?

Hi, I don‘t know where to find the YAML code (I am not very experienced), anyhow here is what I have:

You click on „Configure“ and then you either add or edit an existing device:

Then at the bottom you click „Add more entities“ an you select the entities by number and configure them as in my screenshots

Hope this helps.