Integration for Luceco Smart Castra floodlight

I have only 1 device in my home that i am unable to integrate to Home assistant(after replacing my Switchbot sensors due to struggling with the switchbot integration on my Odroid N2+)

Model : Luceco Smart Castra Security floodlight PIR (LSMFSP-05)

I can’t find any integrations that can support this device. I have tried to add this device via smart or AP setup in the Broadlink and Smartlife App (to no avail) and the only app it allows me to add it to is BG Home app. I can see the device in my Alexa app thanks to the skill there, but I am unable to find any way to add this device currently to Home assistant. Happy to do a little programming but am new to YAML and may need some pretty precise guidance.
This is my first post so not sure of what is required for you all to help me
If anyone can suggest a way to add it to a different app that would be supported I am happy to give things a try from my side.Also i have the Nabu Casa working so wasn’t sure if there is a way to pull things through from Alexa back into the Home Assistant.
Thanks in advance for your help,

Hi Matthew

Did you ever get anywhere with this?

I bought one yesterday thinking it would integrate via the BroadLink integration as other smart switches that use the same BG Home app do, but it doesn’t!



Hi Rob. I am just looking it again today but no one else has responded on this, apart from yourself. Strange thing is it is using BroadLink skill to connect in Alexa, but won’t allow me to access it via BroadLink in hassio. I’m going to try directly with hassio today instead of supplied apps to see if it finds it, but am not holding my breath.

Still no luck on this. Tried again with all the apps and integrations and can’t seem to find anything to connect it. Even tried to see if there was any clues in acpir bit it mentions in BGHOME app but nothing. I am almost at the point where I will replace the light. Shame as these are affordable smart flood lights with PIR and would be great if they worked in HA. Hoping someone with a bit of coding knowledge might point me in the right direction as don’t mind playing if I know where to start.