Integration for Luke Roberts BLE Lamp

Hello, I would like to have an integration with Home Assistant for my living room and bedroom lamp, Luke Roberts Light

the lamp from Luke Roberts works with BLE, on Github there is an ESP32 Project what I also have in use with me, but it does not work properly and the development seems to be stopped, at least nothing has been developed since last September.

The whole thing is then controlled via Mqtt, but for me the dimming and scene selection does not work properly. It would be so great to bring it properly into the Home Assistant because it would bring an invaluable advantage in terms of usability. About the Homey central control is possible, I do not know what information is needed here.

Here is a link to the Github Project:

hey! did you manage to control the lamp from HA? I don’t get the ESP-Projekt working… :- (

Hi @mike19 , yes I had it running until last year, but it doesn’t work well because it’s not stable. The Mqtt change then stopped it completely. There is something new which is probably being worked on but unfortunately I am not a developer… It’s a pity that Luke Roberts doesn’t bring out anything with which you can control the lamp externally. So far only the Athom Homey Hub can do that out of the box.

I’m thinking of using a Zigbee switch to at least be able to switch it on and off in HA