Integration for NissanConnect Services

to be more clear, I commented these lines and after everything was ok.

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Yes, now it works!

Thank you!

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how did you manage to have the door control?

This is outstanding. Thank you for your work here.

I’m in the US with a 23 Ariya. I’m unfortunately receiving invalid credentials when I try to sign in. I’ve double checked my username and password as valid, and even did a password reset to confirm. Could it be an issue with the US API?

I’ll update the GitHub page to make it more clear, but currently only Europe is supported. The API integration is based on dartnissanconnect, and this is a blog from the creator explaining the problems with the US implementation:

If anyone is interested in developing/maintaining NA API support, get in touch! :slight_smile:

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Hi all, I’ve just started noticing today that I cannot connect to my car via Node-Red. At about 10am this morning, I had the last communication. I haven’t changed anything, so I’m wondering if something has changed on the Nissan server end. Anyone else having problems? Can see in the Node-Red debug that i get a ‘“TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘vehicle’)”’ warning. The Node-Red logs also show the same…

The Nissan Connect app seems to be working

Looks like Nissan have changed the way auth works. I’m tracking this on GitHub, Stopped loading · Issue #23 · dan-r/HomeAssistant-NissanConnect · GitHub


To fix, the node red flows, you will need to change some config in the authentication nodes :

Set client-id : a-ncb-nc-android-prod
and client-secret to : 6GKIax7fGT5yPHuNmWNVOc4q5POBw1WRSW39ubRA8WPBmQ7MOxhm75EsmKMKENem

once done and deployed, refresh the tokens by activating the timestamp triggers.

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This has me authenticating again and it returns climate data but the most important values, battery % is not:

status: "Not Implemented"
code: "501"
title: "Not supported Feature"
detail: "This feature is not technically supported by this gateway"

Working for you guys?

@sd_dracula ado you have an Ariya or Leaf, I know they both use different endpoints, for me after I Changed the authentication, all is working.
I’m receiving all telemetry.

Yes I had used the new flow and that was the issue.
Once I just update the new values into my existing one it started to work again :+1: