Integration for Skymee Smart Food Dispenser

Does anyone know of a way to integrate a Skymee smart pet food dispenser with home assistant? There is the Skymee mobile app where you can view live camera footage using the feeder’s camera, speak to your pet live through speakers built into the feeder and initiate a feeding by specifying the serving size. Having these three functions in home assistant would be great, especially the camera view. I can not figure out how to link the footage to my home assistant dashboard. You must log in to the mobile app and as far as I know there is no publicly available API information. There was an article written back in 2019 explaining some of the vulnerabilities in the initial releases of these devices, although these vulnerabilities have been patched with subsequent released I thought there may be some useful information in the write-up such as the servers used and how to “access a shell -Telnet…”. All of this is beyond me but might be useful for someone with the capabilities to make an integration for these Skymee devices? The article link:

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I agree, such an integration would be great!

Anyone have anything that would work for Skymee? I have the feeder and having the camera and feeding in HA would be awsome.