Integration for someone's Weather Underground PWS?

I would like to integrate weather information from an available Weather Underground Personal Weather Station nearby that is not mine. The close proximity of the PWS gives me more accurate data.

I found various integrations for Weather Underground, Ambient Weather (as a backup option), etc., but they operate under the premise that I am the owner of the PWS–requiring API key and other data as if I had a weather station.

Is there a way for me to integrate a weather source that is specific to a Weather Underground PWS source?


They have been disabling free access to their API. You used to be able to do what you ask. Try

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Thank you, @lrossouw. The trouble with is that they do not have a reporting station nearby.

Regarding Weatherunderground–what if I set up a mini station of my own (just reporting temperature and humidity), will I then be able to access other PWS data at no cost? I looked around a bit, but found no clear information.