Integration for Watts Vision Smart Home System


Is anyone working on integration for Watts Vision Smart Home thermostat?


Not that I know off but i’m intressted.

I am also interested because I want to buy the Watts Vision : Contact | Watts Waterbeveiliging (

I am also interested because I own three Watts RF 868MHz Module 6 units and seven Watts Belux RF 868MHz thermostats. I would like to integrate them in Home Assistant. Now I am forced to use the Watts Vision Centrale Touchscreen Unit with WIFI to (remotely) control the thermostats.

Hi, I am also very interested. Is there maybe an update on this?

Same here. I’m close to installing this, but i’m hesitating because there is no integration with HA.

Well I can say that the Watts Vision system works great when you link all the devices in the correct order.

Good to know, but I also would like to have a integration in HA, so I can use it with several different sensors…

Yes, me too. But for now I can remotely control and program my thermostats with the Watts Vision Central Unit. It would be great if that could be done via Home Assistant so that I can build automations for it.

Can you access the Vision Central Unit via web as well, or do you need to use their iOS or Android app?

Yes, you can access it by using a browser as well; it’s an responsive web application.

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