Integration for yeelight light strip plus --> device model is not known,


I’ve just installed home assistant on a mini pc (with virtual box) and am trying to add my yeelight light strip plus to the integrations list. Kinda new to how hassio works so please bear with me :slight_smile:

I’ve added a new integration (Xiaomi Miio), proceeded to add my cloud user and pass + server (de in my case) and once it detected all my devices I selected the light strip from the list.

However after continuing from the previous step i get the following error:
The device model is not known, not able to set up the device using config flow.

Is this something I’m doing wrong or is the light strip not part of the integrations yet?

Thanks in advance,

I believe the Xiaomi integration only supports limited devices and you would need to use HACS to see if there is a custom integration supporting your device