Integration Hassio Android Widgets with google assistant?

I’m considering creating a simple integration between Google Assistant and my car, enabling me to use voice commands for home automation queries like checking if anyone is home, if all lights are off, doors are locked, and if the alarm system is armed. I know this can be achieved using intent and intent_script, and I can activate it via the assist button.

However, I’m intrigued by the possibility of directly interacting with my car for these checks. In my research, I discovered suggestions about developing a Google Cloud Project Action with an App. As a developer, I understand the significant effort and cost involved in creating and maintaining such a project.

Later, I learned that Android 12 supports status retrieval from widgets and can even trigger a widget. This led me to the idea of developing a simple Android app that performs webhook operations for these tasks. It’s a straightforward solution, albeit not the most secure. If the hassio companion app could support similar widget functionalities, it would greatly simplify integrating everything with Google Assistant without much effort.

Has anyone embarked on a similar project before? I found this resource which might be relevant: Integrate Android widgets with Google Assistant  |  Google Codelabs