Integration: home connect - catch 'BSH.Common.Setting.AlarmClock'

How to catch timer alarm signal on a siemens oven ?

I have a SIEMENS oven running with home connect.
→ What I need is to trigger an event when my oven’s timer alarm rings.

There is a “Remaining Program TIme” entity that is unfortunately "unavailable.
But some other sensors are working fine like “Door” and “Operation State” and they update instaltly.

Before HA, I was using an other system called jeedom with a similar integration. There was a fiels ‘alarm’ and it was very reliable, that’s why I’m not worried about the capabilities of the api to transmit the required info. I’m not an expert but looking at the code, it seems to react to ‘BSH.Common.Setting.AlarmClock’

Also the homeconnect app, gets instantly the alarm signal.

Describe the solution you’d like
The following integration work fine. The alarm is triggered instantely. Unfortunately it is not an integration for HA but for Jeedom:

I’m not an expert, but having a look at the code, it seems to be triggered by :

As the alarm is probably the most usefull and common feature, I’m sure you’ll have a look at it and you will find a way to make your integration as efficient as this french guy did.

Could anyone help me please ???
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Share your automation, there may be something wrong with it.

Sorry, my mistake. The behaviour I described here is from an other integration I tested. → I corrected my initial subject
With “home connect” official integration this is what I get:

  • Door, and program sensors are updated instantly when I open the door, or when I set a program.
  • Unfortunately “program progress” and “remaining program time” are always “unavailable”.

That’s why my feature request is about catching ‘BSH.Common.Setting.AlarmClock’
I guess that would get us a sensor like the one of the door, but for the alarm.