Integration: husqvarna_automower Additional Sensor for detailed state

Dear all

I was very happy to see the Husqvarna Automower Integration reached standard in the last release and promptly installed it. Thanks for the effort put into it, works fine.

Unfortunatly I have a very specific use case (currently using IFTTT for that) where I need more then the Mowing and Parked status. I believe I figured out that the lawn_mower entity does not allow more, so is there any other entity which gives me the Leaving and returning status as well as I need them to switch parts of the fencing wire on and off once the mower really starts it’s blade.

I can see in the code for the integration that obviously the states are available via the API, but I don’t see them mapped somewhere else?



Alternatively, should I maybe raise a feature request for an additional entity? My coding skills are unfortunately not good enough to create a pull request :frowning:

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Would like this as well! Maybe this could be made available via a sensor?

Would love to have it as well! I need it to trigger a shelly to automatically open the mower’s garage. Unfortunately I am not able to code it by myself. What can we do? How can I help?

Changed issue category to Feature Request, please vote for it if it would be usefull for you as well.

Have a look to HA 2024.5 there is an error sensor and a restricted reason sensor included.
There are binary sensors for returning to dock and leaving dock.

Great news. Will give it a try later today. For others: Sensors are available with 2024.4.4 already.

Great work, many thanks. Works perfectly for me using the HA binary sensors in Node Red to change the state of my “tunnel” accross the patio:
It’s even about 5 seconds faster then my prior implementation via IFTTT and MQTT.