Integration INFLUX DB Data to HA Energy Dashboard


I am running a “volkszähler” and measure the values of my smart meter with it.
The Volkszähler integration seems to be dead and isn’t working anymore …
So it’s not possible for me to integrate the Volkszähler data into the new energy dashboard.

My idea is to log these data via vzlogger to my influxdb, that’s already working. The actual count of my powermeter is logged into the database.
But now I want to add these Data to energy dashboard. Is it possible?



I’m running a quite similar setup.

My power meter is dumb. I’ve added a piece of hardware to the dedicated interface (called TIC here) to send power consumption to infuxDB (nodered does this but it’s another story…)
My power consumption is so available in influxDB.

To integrate it into energy management i’ve setup an influxDB sensor on the increasing Wh value (it’s an always increasing value)

  - name: index_wh
    unit_of_measurement: Wh
    measurement: '"Wh"'
    field: value
    group_function: last
    where: '"entity" = ''teleinfo'''
    database: edf

then in customize.yaml

  last_reset: '1970-01-01T00:00:00+00:00'
  state_class: measurement
  device_class: energy

My sensor is now available for energy management :slight_smile:

Note that last_reset is probably not needed anymore…


Mhhh I configured it like your example, I now have the value as sensor entity in HASS, but I can’t add it on the energy dashboard.
My sensor is missing in the list.

Of cours I modified the sensor via customize.yaml

ok my fault, the unit_of_measurement is case sensitiv :wink: if I write KWh it’s wrong it must be kWh…

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Happy energy monitoring then :slight_smile:

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Thanks to your solution, @SNoof85 I was able to add my custom “blink detection” meter to Homeassistant and I’m able to see the Wh sum just fine.


I also was able to add this new sensor to the Energy dashboard

But the data is never shown in the energy graph even though I let it sit for a couble of hours and I even see the graph data from the sensor



Do you know what the problem could be here? I have no errors in the error log.