Integration issues between HA, Bond, and Alexa

Trying to figure out the cause of an odd issue with integrations between HA, Bond, and Amazon. I have several RF-controlled ‘dumb’ fans with integrated lights that a Bond Bridge manages. The bridge is integrated into HA and everything works fine between the two…I can turn the fans on/off, control speed, turn lights on/off, and mimic “press-and-hold” functions to adjust brightness.

I also have HA integrated with Alexa through Nabu Casa, and everything works there too, same as described above, using voice commands. Echos relay to HA and then to the Bond.

Here’s where it gets weird. If in HA I have both the fan entity and the integrated light entity exposed to Alexa, things work just fine. But if I just expose the fan and not the integrated lights (I have smart bulbs in some of them, so the sockets need to always be on), voice commands in Alexa to turn the fan on/off affect both the fan and the integrated light.

Anyone experience this or know where to start with troubleshooting?