Im trying to figure out how i can extract the median value
is there an attribute hidden somewhere or is it a calculated value?
i want the value “20”


temperature: 10.5
dew_point: -3
temperature_unit: °C
humidity: 39
cloud_coverage: 2.9
pressure: 1024.7
pressure_unit: hPa
wind_bearing: 71.9
wind_gust_speed: 16.9
wind_speed: 6.8
wind_speed_unit: km/h
visibility_unit: km
precipitation_unit: mm
attribution: >-
  Weather forecast from, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological
friendly_name: Forecast Home
supported_features: 3

There is no median value, the 2 temperatures you see there( in Daily) is low/high ( For Tuesdays Forecast )

If you want a median, of each Daily Forecast, you have to create a Template, using the weather_get_forecast service-call, and then either create another template/helper to calculate the median