Integration of a shelly1 with Tasmota 9.5.0

I am a beginner and I try to integrate a shelly1 to my HomeAssistant (HA) system
I loaded the Tasmota 9.5.0 to my shelly. I can see this device and I can configure it.
In the HA I installed the MQTT broker as well as the Tasmota extension.
I tested the MQTT broker of the HA using the MQTT explorer. It works find, I can publish a message in the MQTT explorer and se the result in the HA MQQT debug page. Also I can publish something in the debug section of the HA.
In the Tasmota MQTT configuration I entered the IP address of the HA system as the IP address of the MQTT broker. I did not change any ports.
The MQTT configuration of HA is:

- username: mymqtt
    password: xxxx
  active: false
  folder: mosquito
certfile: fullchain.pem
keyfile: privkey.pem
require_certificate: false
anonymous: false

The Tasmota device is not able to connect the MQTT broker.
The message is: Connect failed to, rc 5. Retry in 120 sec
Has somebody a hint for me, what went wrong?
Best regards

You did enter also the user and password in the mqtt configuration page of your shelly ?

Hello francisp,
Yes, I did this.

This is the log of the MQTT broker in the HA

1636471871: New connection from on port 1883.
1636471871: Socket error on client <unknown>, disconnecting.
1636471910: New connection from on port 1883.
1636471910: Socket error on client <unknown>, disconnecting

By the way: The IP adress for me is unknown :unamused:
An this is my configuration on the tasmota side:

That is Supervisor checking if the MQTT broker is still running.

For MQTT, the client must be unique. If you have another device with client Tasmota, you will have problems.

Hi francisp,

if the connection from is the supervisor, then the problem should be within the HA configuration, because I have the same error message for the connection from my Tasmota client as well as from the supervisor check.
Is this assumption right?

There is an incorrect indentation there. Password should be even with username.

Also make sure your MQTT password is greater than 5 characters.

Hi Tediore,

sorry for the late replay: Your hint was the solution. I had only 3 characters in my password. Now the connection is established.

Thank’s a lot