Integration of Bluetooth controlled ceiling lamp


I try to control my new ceiling lamp but I do not get a good start…

The lamp is controlled by a SIG Mesh remote and an App as well. There is no possibility to add it in Tuya or similar apps to use a Gateway. The lamp will not activate pairing mode. It can be paired within the first 5sec after switched on. In the app is a pairing button as well.

I will upload some pics of the hardware. Can anyone point me in the right direction ?

I would also like to know if anyone has managed to get this working. Ordered a ceiling fan + light from Taobao with this samd kind of remote which is using Bluetooth. Probably using BLE, so maybe can set up some bridge using esp32?

This is something I’d like too and wonder if we are nearer now we have a Bluetooth platform. Anyone have any suggestions?

Anybody figure this out?

as the fan in this example is also using the LampSmart_Pro app, the link above is guiding you to the ESP32 BLT Proxy solution for LampSmart_Pro, … I’m not sure how this will work for a ceiling fan, but it worked for my ceiling lights.