Integration of Goliath IP Door intercom system in HA

Dear HA Community!

I’m trying to find a way to integrate the Goliath IP intercom system in the Home Assistant system. Is there anybody, who has experience with this topic?

Thank you in advance!!

Yes, it is possible.
I did it with the dahua integration in HACS.
The video stream is not running yet, but the services are working.
I can open the door for example.

Dahua integration

Hi, i got the same Goliath. Are you able to get the ringing event for one of the two buttons?

I want to create some automations if someone is ringing at the door, but im not able to see the specific event while pressing the button… its a bit strange. I also asked the developer: AV-VTA05-22AV2 - Get Button Press · Issue #329 · rroller/dahua · GitHub

But as far there is no idea… so maybe someone in this forum can help me! Thanks!