Integration of Navilink cozytouch solution


I currently have a Atlantic water heater that is controlled by a Navilink system with Cozytouch support. But, as the system is embeded in the Navilink thermostat, there’s no Cozytouch bridge so the system cannot be controlled by the Cozytouch integration or Overkiz integration.
I Can access to Cozytouch and control my heather via the Android apps but not via Home assistant and that’s a shame.
I have seen an integration, Navien, that’s seems to have a similar way to work but I have not knowledge on programming to works on !

Is there someone who can help ? Or having an idea on how to deal with that ?

I also have Atlantic heater without Cozytouch but with a local controller, which wirelessly connects to the heater. The controller is called Navilink A59. It pairs with the heater and you can monitor and minimally control the heater. This is the manual for controller:
These controller can even connect to each other and manual mentions wifi, so I assume it’s possible to somehow intercept and mimic the connection, but not sure where to even start as I’m new to HA. Any help or pointers would be appreciated.

I have an Atlantic Naema 2 Duo boiler with a Navilink 128 Radio-Connect.
The Cozytouch integration using overkiz is not working for me neither, so I started to make a custom integration.

It starts to work, I should upload on my github in few days, if someone is interested in testing it please let me know !