Integration: Peraqua Inverter Heatpump (Pool heater)

The Peraqua pool heaters are equiped with Wifi. Currently I’m controlling it with a mobile app that is recommended by the vendor. The mobile app is called “smarter pool” (google playstore). It does have rather powerful automation options already.
I was wondering if anyone tried to integrate it with HA yet. Would be nice to use existing sensor to finetune the heater.

No one ever tried that yet?
No ideas at all?


the “Smarter Pool” App is actually using Tuya. So all that was needed is the Tuya integration.
Here is the guide: Tuya - Home Assistant

Where can I find all the data in the InverterLife (formerly Smarter Pool App) for the Tuya integration?

You have to add the pump in the Tuya or Smart Life App manualy (other-Wifi) …then everything is fine :wink:

Which data you get from the integration?

I see only these attributes:

  • hvac_modes:
  • min_temp:
  • max_temp:
  • target_temp_step:
  • current_temperature:
  • temperature:
  • friendly_name:
  • supported_features:

Hi I have a Inverflow or Aquagem pool pump. It appears to have a Tuya interface. Do I connect it to Tuya through the “other WiFi” option and if so will i lose access to the existing specific app (Tuya type) called Inverflow? Really appreciate any advice. Thanks

I’ve recently switch from the “Tuya” to the “local Tuya” integration. The reason for this is, that the local version does not require the Tuya cloud endpoints for communicating with my pool heater. Homeassistant is able to directly communicate with the heater within the local network.
I don’t want to rely on a chinese web service to control a heater in my backyard :wink:
Given the currently political situation on the planet I’m also not a big fan of china right now.

I can add the Inverflow pump to Tuya as it is a Tuya app, but when i do there are no attributes available. Is there a way to expose these attributes?

Thats better than me.
I only get a climate entity that says that the pool heater is running… Would be nice to get some temperaturs